House Rules


  1. Ten minutes of complete rest (as in, no moving, no actions) restores all HPs. In other words, I am not charging the healing tax. You’ll want some healing for intra-fight, and for when you don’t have minutes to spare between them, and when you don’t want your spells to expire before the next one.
  2. One hour of complete rest restores all spells. Generally, hanging around for an hour in a hostile place will result in a wandering encounter, so you likely can’t camp out after clearing each room in a dungeon. I just want this rule so I don’t have to build in 8-hour periods of rest.

Character Creation

  1. All PCs get one free rank in any Profession, one free rank in any Craft, and one free rank in any Knowledge.The trained bonus applies to the KS only if that KS is a class skill.

House Rules

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